Windshield repair

Windshields and safety glasses are made of two glass layers that are glued together with a plastic film. This is called lamella glass.

If a bang from eg A stone hits the windshield sufficiently hard, it can form a cracking in the glass. These fractures can look in many different ways but are generally called stone shots.

When a stone shot has  formed, a small shard of glass has left the windshield. Most of the damage is under the glass surface. A convoluted piece of glass or cracking exists between the inner layer of plastic film and the outer glass surface, a cracking is formed which is air-filled. When looking at an damage, there are light breaks through the air you see.

The idea of ​​windscreen repair is to:

1. Remove all air from the damage.
2. Replace the air with a special resin that is transparent.
3. Harden the resin and thereby rebuild the strength and visibility.

The result: a visibly improved repair with very high durability, so that a repair made by Autoglass Resore's technician can provide a 2-year warranty without disassembling the windshield.

With Autoglass Restore's windshield repairsystem, you can repair damages that is as large as 30mm, and cracks up to 10-15 cm. The result is a repair that is strong, impact resistant, waterproof and will not discolor.


What is allowed to be repaired?

Volvo's directives about where a repair can take place.

Windshield repair

Damages near an A-beam or the ceiling may not be repaired because the windshield works as a part of the security structure.

Injuries in the indirect field of view can be repaired if less than 15 mm (yellow color).

Other damages on the windshield can be repaired – but only if less than 25 mm (green color).

This is the general directive that most carglas dealers use.

Cars without cameras or a lot of sensors have less rules on how and what to repair.

Windshield repairsystem

Our equipment is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Low material costs per repair.

At the same time, it is extremely fast thanks to our unique UV lamp, only 5-10 minutes for repair as well as hardening. Small damages can be repaired in as little as 3 minutes!

You get a nice and durable repair every time.

MegaVac and UV-Triple + are developed and manufactured in Sweden.


Read about our powerful vacuum-injector MegaVac.


Read about our new UV-lamp, UV-TRIPLE+. The future of windshield repair.

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Windshield repair

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